A few ways to find deals other than using discount codes and vouchers

There are many ways to save money at your favourite retailers, and these ways don’t always have to include the use of a discount code, voucher or coupon. Here we’ll explore some ways on how you get lower prices on your shopping cart if a discount code isn’t available. We’ll also explore how to hunt down a discount code when you don’t find any that are easily available.

Sales provide much better discounts than voucher codes

Sales are you’re best friend when it comes to saving money! If you’re not looking for a certain product, and it’s more of a type of product, then you can search your favourite stores first in their sales and clearance section to see if it gets the job done. You can also turn to your favourite search engine and simply enter “[product name] sale” or “[product name] discount”. This will bring back results where that item is on sale. You could also replace the words ‘discount’ and ‘sale’ with other words such as ‘saving’, ‘now price’, ‘save’ and ‘now only’ which should bring back the lowest priced items because these words are present on the retailers website too.

Cashback websites are handy, but not the best answer

Getting cashback on your purchases is more or less getting a discount on your purchases, but sadly it does take time to get this cash back in your bank. You can use services such as TopCashBack and Quidco to shop with (simply sign-up, search for the retailer and follow the instructions) but sadly it could take between 1 to 4 months to get the discount. Still, if you can’t find a discount code then this is a good option.

Social media is your friend when looking for a discount code

It’s always a good idea to search the social media pages of the retailer to look for a discount code, and it’s really easy! For twitter, visit the retailers twitter page and scroll down as much as possible until you get around 1 months worth of tweets. Twitter loads more to the page once you get to the bottom so more promo codes and vouchers could appear. Once you get a good amount press CTRL + F on your keyboard and enter ‘code’ or ‘voucher’ into the search box and perform a search. If there is a discount code present then it should be highlighted in the page. Give these codes a try and see what discount you get.

Is free delivery worth the extra spend?

Free delivery is great, but retailers often give this away to encourage you to spend more per shop. Ask yourself if this extra spend is worth the saving and will you use the products or services anyway? If not just pay the delivery charge and get on with your day. Don’t spend and buy things you don’t need, this is the best way to save money!

Some discount code websites to try

Finding a working discount code for your favourite online stores in the UK shouldn’t be hard, but sadly you come across voucher sites that have expired codes or they simply don’t work. Here are some great sites that should help you. The first recommendation is a site called DealDB which you can find at this link as they have a good amount of online stores and update their voucher codes every hour with the latest money saving goodness. Another site worth a mention actually checks where the best discount codes are and lets you visit each one for the best deal. This site is called Discount Code Hunter and is pretty basic but works well. You can find this site at discountcodehunter.co.uk and they also update their content on a regular basis and have some really big names and brands. These sites all follow the code of conduct from IAB.

Some new discount code websites in 2016

We’re nearly half way through 2016 now and there is a good selection of new discount codes and voucher sites appearing, sadly most are pretty bad but some are pretty awesome! A few come to mind to talk to you about and one to mention is discountsandcodes.co.uk which is just discount codes and nothing else really. They just focus on getting you the code/deal without all the rubbish that comes with other websites in the same area. Their retailer pages hunt down these money saving deals for you and update each morning. You have to manually check each time you need the code but it only takes 2 ticks.

Well there we have it, some quick and easy ways to save money if a discount code isn’t available. There are lots of ways to save money online and would love your comments below for some great ways to get a good deal!